Thoughts from the DarkSide

UPDATE: to create a writing portfolio of sorts that can benefit my writing endeavors in the future, and to collect my writing-related thoughts, I've decided I will upload all my writing tagged posts from this blog onto my WordPress writing blog--that's also the future repository for any upcoming writing and writing-related posts on there.

So I was thinking today that to optimize both SEO and monetization of my blogs I should really become more disciplined in the types of topics I post. I already achieved a comfortable discipline/balance with my other 2 blogs (beautyessentials and interwebs) but this, my oldest (circa 2005) and truest friend, has gotten a wee little bitty out of hand...maybe...

So how to remedy? Well, I could begin two or three other blogs to take up some of these other, more prolific topics (70-some car-related entries!!) ...but that's a heck of a lot of blogs to keep track of...and of course, to have to SEO and monetize.

So I decided this is gonna stay as is. Schizophrenia can be lovely sometimes, and my predilection for perfection/anal retentiveness does not extend to the uber-clinical approach many are embarking on their own voyages on the Interwebs. This philosophy of mine, may very well change soon enough, if I spot and become enveloped in some sort of overly persuasive article or bit of news, but I don't estimate it will change in the very near future.

And I pretty much am officially disregarding my WordPress space for now, as I really don't like their interface at all. Whatsoever. I guess the four years of indoctrination into the Blogger world may be tinting my perspective...either way I'm a blogger's...er...blogger. ^_^;

aight that's all, better get some zzzs or suffer tomorrow morning @ work