Country Lanes

One of the things that I love best about watching Midsomer Murders, one of my favorite crime TV shows, is the landscape and country lanes in small, British villages.

I think the first time I first noticed how charming country lanes are was when I still lived in Italy as a small child, and we had to weave our way up a meandering lane to get to our summer home or to the local sanctuary (+800 meters) up a mountain. I also recall watching The Avengers reruns during my teens, and I believe I spotted Mr. Steed and Mrs. Peel in a small sports car traveling somewhere. I also remember fondly country lanes featured in films such as The Legacy and Three Men and a Little Lady.

These little country lanes and villages inspired in me fantasies of traveling village to village enjoying a bed and breakfast, the local history, the pub, and afternoon or high tea. What about the occasional resale, vintage, or antique shop, too!

Of course, the little villages and lanes that undergo filming for movies and television series are narrowed down and selected just because of their natural charms and photogeneity. When traveling, one might become a little jaded with a few of the realities of traveling between small villages...

I can imagine that tight space make the lanes hard to navigate with today's larger vehicles, campers, or whenever encountering farming equipment. During special, seasonal events traffic must be terrific. Parking must also be terrible, as most folks tend to probably walk or bicycle around town. What about no street lighting on roadways with meandering curves just ahead of your headlights? What about poorly maintained,  muddy, or pot-holey winter months? All these potential situations can lead to a perilous visit. For example, I offer you the film The Holiday, where Kate Winslet lives in a little hamlet that's completely snow bound during the holiday season--and she has quite away to walk after the local bus drops her off. And yet...

Be it a reality check, or pessimism,  I can't stop daydreaming of country lanes. In breezy greens in the spring or summer, of lovely autumnal shades, of stark contrasts with snow piled on in wintertime. Thinking about visiting or even living on a quiet, nature-landscaped, country lane is a lot of fun for me. A way to live vicariously. I've often searched for "English countryside" and "country lane" images on both Flickr and Pinterest, and am developing a Pinterest board around this theme. Without crossing the pond, I imagine that the Northeastern United States could satiate this longing as they have some truly wonderful foliage-lined country lanes.

Here's to happy daydreaming on chilly autumn days ^_^