Uncommon Goods

So I'm catching up with my reading today, since it's my flex-schedule day off from work. I got this catalog called Uncommon Goods in the mail and as I leafed through I just fell in love with it. It's like the quirkier younger sister of RedEnvelope...and it features some really fun and interesting items such as these:

Silhouette jewelry... there's tons similar items on etsy.com as well

Venus fly trap garden stakes... very little shop of horrors, I loved these!

Recycled fleece Smittens... to hold hands while out for a walk with
your favorite kiddie or your favorite significant other

Neuroses and psychoses wooden sculptures... LOL this is too cute, modern, and funny

Momiji friendship dolls that are very Tokyo modern, come in what looks like an arm float inside an asian takeout box (yes, arm float, like the ones my mom made me use before I learned to swim)

Cool and skinny aluminum wallets...that can be great for business cards too

This is hilarious... french tampon cases... with lovely vintage pinup scenes, it's just adorable and stylish, I can't get over it

Sassy luggage tag set, for some good laughs while waiting at the luggage carousel

Soup and sandwich tray duo

Cool and hot Dr. Packs

And there are tons of other things, particularly aimed to those who are expecting or have tiny tots at home.

I'm not related to these guys in any way, just thought I'd share some of these cool, never-before seen quirky items from their catalog.