Fantasy Wish List for Society and Technology in 2009

Here's my dream wish list for things that I feel strongly should happen during 2009, to make us proud of the society we live in:
  1. Dream wish list for the IPhone: Should now include cut and paste, e-mail search, and synch calendar with Google Calendar
  2. Dream wish list for other smart phones: beat the iPhone hands down and decrease service plan costs, waiting time, and point of purchase costs...oh and increase quality of call reception. yeah.
  3. Increase availability at the shelf (point of purchase) of a variety of biodegradable products: packaging (plastic, cardboard, etc.) detergent, soap, house cleaners, dish soap, dishwasher soap, softeners, etc.
  4. Move more for-credit university courses to online channels...who in the business world, in their right mind, has time to go out of their way to a campus to take hours-long classes, these days? But education is still a valuable skill-value ratio differentiator for an employee in such an uncertain economy
  5. Non-invasive security measures at airports, no X-rated X-ray machines, and less-surly TSA employees (a girl can dream,can't she?)
  6. Increased, proactive commitment on and actual project implementation to improve global infrastructure networks...I mean, we have an international space station that's still staying afloat, thankfully, but we can't get express/fast trains in the US? What about the huge gridlock of containers via ocean transport from China to the Port of Los Angeles--alone, much less considering all the other points of gridlock?
  7. REAL plug and play. Particularly for supposedly helpful tech such as bluetooth ear pieces/jawbones. Not the usual kinda sorta compatible but, oh yeah, it's probably you the customer who can't make it work correctly, compatibility
  8. Airlines that are on-time, efficient, sustainable, and don't dwell entrenched in human error (why can't airlines be more like European or Japanese train service?)
  9. Governments that actually use tax revenue to help their citizens lead other countries with better quality of life
  10. Preventive health care, affordable and fast health care and universal health insurance coverage...make revenue streams flow from excessive elective surgeries such as in the plastic surgery arena (except for birth-defect correction surgeries)
  11. Some better way to recycle recyclables than just putting them in a small blue or green bin on the curb, that's going to get blown around the yard at the first sign of a breeze
  12. Gay marriage rights, life partner benefit rights
  13. Clergy marriage rights
  14. Quicker divorce court proceedings
  15. Improved gas mileage automobiles, less hunkering SUVs
  16. Less expensive basic goods and services. Clothing? food? Why not be like in Pennsylvania where they don't tax the basics.
I'm sure there's more but this is at the top of my list right now :o)
What do you wish was at the top of someone's list to improve things around planet earth?