Book Review: Do What You Are

This book, Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type by Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron, can be very helpful to someone already familiar with the Jung/Briggs Meyers personality typeology.

This book is considered a classic in this field, and follows the 16 personality types philosophy to assist the reader in not only identifying their typeology but to identify career paths that would best be suited to their personality and skillsets. It's actually amazing to see how many possible matches there are for a similar field/job when you look at it from the personality type approach. It's just a matter of what emphasis, focus, or approach the employee brings to the career choice based on his or her strengths.

I found this book to be enlightening, but not to be used on its own, rather, in conjunction with several other typeology books and career/vocational guides. And it's always important to remember to work with what someone already has and make the best lemonade out of it. It's not always financially, emotionally, or rationally feasible to pick up overnight and get a brand spanking new career. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel and go out and get brand new education, work experience, and a new career, it's best to tweak what one is already involved in to leverage the positives and create a better match with one's own talents, whether innate or developed through the years...though in some cases, a very finite and small number of individuals have been known to succeed when undertaking such an extreme life change (Bill Gates comes to mind, when he quit school).

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