The Full Drive-In Theater Experience

After talking about our nearby drive-in theather with our neighbors about two weeks ago on Friday (too much info, I realize), significant-other unit and I decided to go to experience this wonderful and almost dying bit of Americana.

We've been to two showings, one a week from last Saturday (Ice Age 3 *giggle*, and part of the double feature Orphan *nausea*), and the last visit was this past Friday (GIJoe *err...*, we skipped the second feature of Transformers 2 *shiver*).

One of the best part of the drive-in experience, was this past Saturday, when the movie stopped at one point due to technical difficulties, and everyone honked. This so totally traditional! It was cool even though we missed about 20 minutes of the movie LOL. Nearby young people stopped honking, and instead started blasting some really good techno and dance tunes and started free-style grinding and dancing. Two more young ppl came over from a nearby car and joined in the fun. It was hilarious...and free entertainment, while we waited for the management to fix the movie.

The other really good part about going to the drive-in, is that we get to take young Master Benny the Baying Hound. He was a really good boy, staying on my lap and developing a little more experience riding in cars. He wasn't as shaky and worried as usual, and he definitely loves his blue fleece blanket to snuggle on either on my lap or on the rear seat. Since he was such a good boy, we gave him some treats and a hamburger (no bun, nor toppings), and he really loved it.

On the other hand, I didn't love GIJoe as much as I thought I would. I think that it deserves a fair shake tho, and will be downloading it in the near future to see what I missed when the film broke down at the drive-in...though I doubt enough happened to redeem the movie...they were right about the CGI overruling plot and common sense. Actors really have it too easy these days, they just need to react to a blue screen. My favorite character, I must say, was Snake Eyes. He reminded me of the a more martial arts and good-guy version of Karl Ruprecht Kroenen from Hellboy.

We will have to see if anything interesting is coming up this weekend to go again to our lovely drive-in. It seriously is tons of fun.