She Bangs, She Bangs

...Or as another a favorite song (this one by Nancy Sinatra tho, not Ricky Martin)...Bang, my baby shot me down.

Yesterday I treated myself to a second day of girly girlyness and got a special botanical hair and scalp treatment at Asha Spa. Asha is an Aveda certified salon and spa which also retails products. Immediately across the street from my office, my little jaunts there and back are a breeze, especially on the way home in the evening.

The botanical treatment I selected helps realign the scalp and hair after harsh winters, harsh indoor or outdoor climate, and other stressors. In my particular case, I have been testing out a few different shampoos and conditioners, and further, my hair color and highlights are growing out a bit. The warm oil massage, warm towels, and multiple shampoos that are part of the treatment left me relaxed and my hair rejuvenated. I still have some great shine and bounce even after shampooing my hair at home (with my new be curly shampoo and conditioner by the way!).

I asked the stylist to also cut some bangs in, because I had a long drape of hair that my usual hair dresser left after my recent haircut and which incidentally, was bugging me tremendously. The new side-swept bangs are versatile and help frame the face. *thumbsup*

I am glad I get little girly getaway treats like this every now and again, so that I can chillax and gear up for the next round of fate-induced massacres ;) J/K I guess I need something girly to counterbalance all my Top Gear fanaticism eh? ^_^

Speaking of girly treats, I can hardly wait for my next massage appointment! :D