Projects Update

After waking up late on Saturday morning, I headed downstairs to get Benny's breakfast together. As I pulled his mixed frozen vegetables out of the freezer I realized the entire contents of our freezer had defrosted.

Apparently, our seven year old fridge was expiring. I grabbed two bags of chicken breasts (6 pounds total), several fish fillets, and the 10 pound turkey out and started cooking them trying to correct the damage as soon as possible.

I also went out and got a small pressure cooker, mason jars in pint and half pint sizes, and canning tools. I began canning as much as possible to get stuff shelf stable and out of the fridge.

It's been hectic to say the least. I'm exhausted.But the plus is that I learned how to can stuff. That and the delicious chicken soup I made for lunch.

We ended up purchasing a tiny minibar type fridge as well, which helped take care of our dairy and roasted turkey/chicken.

Today the repairman said the entire cooling system experienced a freon leak and we need to order a whole bunch of parts in order to set it back to proper working order. Hopefully, this will all be covered by the warranty.


As a plus, I picked up crocheting again, and am going to create a cowl/neck warmer (Lion Brand Yarn open work crochet cowl).