Watching: Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)

photo  watching the anime miniseries Black Butler. 
I watched Black Butler over the weekend and the beginning of the week.

The first few episodes were well planned out, and created enough mystery to want to keep watching. But soon enough, the series unraveled into childish tantrums and inadequate storyline.

The ending was a disappointment, and there were so many questions left unanswered.

It features art by some wonderful artists, and the Victorian England look and feel is always a big draw, particularly for cosplay and gothloli types. One of the big draws were the special tea cakes that are featured at each of the tea times.

Another big draw for this series is the obedient demon storyline which has been used -- perhaps in far better ways -- in series like Hellsing. In the end, the demon sadistically takes over its master, which is a big boo in my book. In similar fashion to how the buildup in Monster was a little bit of a letdown towards the end of that series.

All around I wouldn't call this a waste of art, nor time, it was a fun ride while it kept the audience going.