Review: Star Trek 2 Movie

A couple of weekends ago we went to see the second Star Trek prequel (Into Darkness)
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at one of our favorite movie theaters, Hollywood Palms in Naperville Il. I really enjoyed it.

The second prequel was engrossing, fast-paced, and a very interesting remix of famous Star Trek movie story lines. The time travel from the first prequel rewrites Star Trek canon, so it's a leeeetle testy, but they make it work. Good character interaction and chemistry, a more likeable Jim Kirk. Some funny and emotional bits by Spock--a little unusual but...fascinating (pun intended).

One of the very first things I saw on TV as a toddler was the orignal Star Trek series being rerun in Italy. I was entranced by the exotic creatures and characters. I loved Spock! He seemed to be the only rational/smart character to me. Bones was like a grumpy uncle we all rolled out eyes at.

I started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation a chilly weekday afternoon in the spring of 1990. I was reading On the Beach at the time for English class, and I needed an emotional/mental health break because it was so bloody depressing. One of the great books, mind you, but so depressing. I went downstairs to the kitchen and my mom had that running in the background while she prepared dinner. I started watching TNG from that day on, and it and its characters started growing on me and becoming a little more familiar with each episode.

Later on, I even got into Deep Space Nine, from the first show premiere to a few seasons in. I loved Odo and Dax. But I wasn't as bought into it as I was to the original series or TNG.

I tried watching one or two episodes of Star Trek Voyager, but I dropped off for various reasons. I really liked the flustered doctor (hologram!) :)

I never did buy into Star Trek: Enterprise with Scott Bakula, but I think we Trekkies were undergoing a bit of ST spinoff fatigue at the time that series came out. I know I suffered a little fatigue towards the end of Quantuum Leap, also w Bakula, and I guess that threw me off from watching Enterprise. It wasn't until recently that I learned he had a Beagle! How fun.

Star Trek has been a most excellent series of films and television shows. The story lines and imagination exhibited by the creators take your aspirations and hopes to new heights.