Review: Lone Ranger

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Growing up, I heard time and time again how my mom used to love watching the Lone Ranger on TV. Whenever she had the opportunity to playact with other children, she used to always pick the role of Native Indian rather than White Man. I personally preferred watching reruns of the original Zorro on Disney Channel ;) Yesterday, however, we both put aside our assumptions and went to watch the new Lone Ranger movie together.

Johnny Depp does a good job of method acting and watching him be Tonto was refreshing if you're suffering--like mom and I--from a little too much Captain Sparrow, of late.

I just wish that all Wild West blockbusters in recent years hadn't also portrayed the capitalist father figure/antihero as such a nutter. I've seen this in Wild Wild West, and again in Zorro and Zorro II.

Lone Ranger enjoys canon at times, while at many other times enjoys taking the micky out of the old favorite story. And yes *sigh* yet another movie where the white man nervously reaches out to a potentially "savage" Native Indian when they don't know whether they're friends or foes. This turns my stomach. Watching two tribes getting annihilated by white man turns my stomach even more so.

By the way, that's the sparkling whitest horse I have ever seen in movie history. He was so white, he almost seemed albino. A very metrosexual white horse indeed. He stole several scenes, almost making up for some of the storyline confusion. Didn't mind at all when he did take center stage!

I was mostly awestruck by the scenery. According to Wikipedia, filming locations spanned Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and California.

I think this also marks the first ever Disney movie where someone eats another person's heart :S Has Disney grown up a little?

I almost wish we had been following the story line from Dan Reid's side and then moved over to the brother. I certainly felt more curious about Dan than John--and we still don't really know anything about John, he's a sort of prodigal son coming back home.

Even with a few faults, all around, Lone Ranger an interesting, twist-turny action-packed movie. Another great summer