Watching: The Family

Mom and I had a dinner-theater date and went to see The Family, a dark comedy about a mafia family in the witness protection program who end up moving to France.

It was out of my usual comfort zone, since I never watch mafia movies. The only exception has been Eastern Promises.

It was fun watching Robert DeNiro and Michelle Pfeifer, as well as Tommy Lee Jones (more of a cameo). Though the movie got progressively cartoonish and violent towards the end, I had a good time. It was a little odd how the family is tough all the way until they almost get caught, then almost completely lose it. A little out of character all of a sudden. I'm glad they pull it together in the end though.

I love revenge fantasies and dark humor. It was also lovely to see a little bit of an adorable French village. A very teensy tiny bit in this film, as it looked like the majority was shot in a lot rather than on site. I always love scenery in movies filmed in Europe.