Movie: We're the Millers

Wow. I'm must be on a "witness protection program" kick lately! This is the second movie I've watched in as many weeks, tackling this theme in some way.

We're the Millers feels a little like a SNL comedy to me. It does feature Jennifer Aniston, in a funny role as a stripper who turns fake mom to help a friend (and earn some money in the process).

It's a comedy of errors and it features a little bit of gross humor and quite a few guffaws. I chuckled and felt bad for a couple of the characters (and actors, at times).

A plus for guys: there's lots of fan service if you've ever wanted to see Jennifer Aniston do a strip show. Or two.

If you don't mind stereotypical characters who go through unexpected and funny situations you're in for a treat. Just don't try to think it through too much or you'll ruin the timing.

The movie is mostly based in Colorado, which is where I'll be in a few weeks for my employer's annual conference. Odd coincidence is that, someone in my company found out there'll be a Cannabis convention at the same convention center the last day of our event!