Favorite Personality Traits

I read somewhere that we typically are drawn to people who exhibit personality traits that we most admire in ourselves, or that we wish (subconsciously or consciously) to more strongly exhibit.

So I started wondering, what kind of traits do I admire in some of my favorite people in my life or in my world?

It's so easy to frown and wince when I encounter people who are insensitive culturally, racially, and personally, that it's almost hard to think about those characteristics that are positives, rather than negatives. It's a little sad... but here's a short list I came up with:

  • curated honesty
  • self awareness
  • child-like curiosity
  • playfulness
  • dark sense of humor/sarcasm
  • quick wit
  • thoughtfulness
  • attention to detail
  • sassiness
  • awe of nature
  • enjoys games (table or computer)
  • is a creative force rather than a destructive force
  • seeks inspiration in small or large things/events
  • is used to thinking outside the box
  • feels a connection to art (in any of its many forms/reincarnations)